Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spitzer, Clinton, and the Media's figleaf of cover

In the aftermath of Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation last week, the Main Stream Media Whores have once again been provided with the fig leaf of cover that allows them to hide their failure to investigate the numerous crimes of the Bush Administration.

As the master blogger Glen Greenwald writes in Salon:

    In one of the ultimate paradoxes, for American journalists -- whose role in theory is to expose the secrets of the powerful -- secrecy is actually their central religious tenet, especially when it comes to dealing with the most powerful. Protecting, rather than exposing, the secrets of the powerful is the fuel of American journalism. That's how they maintain their access to and good relations with those in power.
And protecting the Bush and his fellow Republican croneys has been a strain. Any rational, critically thinking, non partisan individual examining this Administrations record would find so many criminal acts, Money Laundering, Illegal wiretapping, Extortion, perjury/obstruction of justice, etc., you would need a score card to keep track of it all (if you have time to spare, TPM Muckraker has such a card).

The real damage that the Spitzer affair has done is not killing the career of a basically decent Democrat Pol or even the effect it may have on the November elections. Instead, it is the rag of cover that our corporate media can hold up to justify its failure to investigate the above name scandals. It is the same thing that happen in the hot 90's, but to a different effect against Bad Bill Clinton, not a failure to investigate, but the justification for a witch hunt camouflaged as a serious investigation.

Think what would have happen if Big Dog had realized how badly the Rethugs wanted to get him and chose not to have an affair with Ms. Lewinsky. Kenneth "Porno" Starr would have had nothing to show after burning thru 70 million tax payer dollars. Delay, Gingrich, Hyde and all the other criminals would have no justification for impeachment, hell if they tried it they all would have been out on their ass in the 2000 election. And the media whores who dumped journalist ethics would have had a hell of a lot of explaining to do about why they spent ten years pursuing a story they should have known was Bullsh-t.

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