Monday, March 24, 2008

5 Bloody Years Later

Commander Codpiece said 5 years ago that Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.

So I guess 4000 brave men and women died in minor combat operations?

What is really sad is that neither The Flight Suit in Chief, Shooter, the Wolf or the Little Rummer Boy will ever end up on the Dock in the Hague for war crimes.

War crimes are defined in the statute that established the International Criminal Court, which includes:
  1. Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, such as:

  2. Willful killing, or causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health

  3. Torture or inhumane treatment

  4. Unlawful wanton destruction or appropriation of property

  5. Forcing a prisoner of war to serve in the forces of a hostile power

  6. Depriving a prisoner of war of a fair trial

  7. Unlawful deportation, confinement or transfer

  8. Taking hostages

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