Thursday, March 27, 2008

But I ordered A Diet Coke!

The title of this commentary derives from an observation my wife made when she worked at a local burger joint years ago. An obviously overweight customer would order a double grease burger with a extra large order of fries and then virtuously order a (usually large) diet soft drink.

This pretty much sums up the discussion this morning by one of our local righty talkers named Dori Monson who can not stop obsessing over the fact that in 2002 before the start of the Iraq War, Congressmen Jim McDermott took a humanitarian trip allegedly financed by Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency. This makes the Congressman McDermott a "spokesperson for the Iraqi government in the run-up to war", which is Righty shorthand for an anti American, terrorist supporter who is so popular with the "progressives".

Yeah Mr. Monson, 4000 dead, substandard contracting that killed 12 Soldiers/Marines, over 9 billion TAXPAYER dollars missing, and 5 years latter, no progress toward resolving this mess and bringing at least some of our men and and home, but what the hey, that's not important. Exposing the secret schemes of the Librul Democrats who Voted against the War resolution of Our Leader is priority #1. Johan In Burien pretty much summed it up in the comments section:
    The war was a mistake. A tragic mistake. Jim McDermott and others did their best to stop the worst foreign policy blunder in our nations history. For some reason you are still vilifying those who sought to oppose the war...There was a time, Dori, when you prided yourself on not being a ideologue: it's time to embrace that spirit again and stop seeing the Iraq war as anything other than a disaster. Time to take off the rose colored glasses, my friend.
Sorry Johan, those glasses are necessary for any war apologist like Mr. Monson who was suckered into supporting this Iraq Clusterf*ck (yes, the Surge DID NOT WORK. It really is a Clusterf*ck). Unable to understand that Love of Country also requires you to admit that your Country occasionally screws up, Mr.Monson will make a thousand excuses, shift blame or change the subject, or even make jokes about actual combat vets who risked their lives but had enough integrity and honor to know when to say this is wrong. It is the only way to resolve the cognitive dissonance that afflicts Bush true believers.

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