Thursday, July 12, 2007

This President is not like Any of his Predecessors

    House Panel Rejects Bush Privilege Claim
    Jul 12, 5:33 PM (ET)
    ...Legal scholars said the issue of Miers' immunity is far from clear-cut. No president has gone as far as mounting a court fight to keep his aides from testifying on Capitol Hill.
Thus was the headlines from the AP this evening. The Flight Suit in Chief believes that he does not have to suffer these fools from Congress. Oversight is for wimps. He has a mandate from The L-rd to follow his destiny. He believes he is right (reality has no place in Bush World)

The experts on Constitutional law, brilliant as they may be; do not understand Jerusalem syndrome that infects the mind of our leader.

I will bet a months pay that Commander Codpiece will once again break precedent and push this all the way to the Supremo's, assuming the D's have the cohones to push this all the way and not back down.

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