Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Godfather named Cheney

As I recently stated in my last post, there is a reluctance (or maybe a desire) for the MSM to refuse to believe that the Cheney Administration acts like the Terminator to protect it's existence. The announcement yesterday that the Acting President Bush has commuted the sentence of "Scooter" Libby comes as a surprise to no one familiar with this administration.

The "why" Libby was pardon is easily answered, most eloquently by Ambassador Joe Wilson on NPR:
    Wilson told NPR that he is not surprised President Bush commuted Libby's prison sentence. Noting that President Bush does not give pardons or clemency lightly, Wilson suggested there may be a quid pro quo exchange for commuting Libby's sentence — and that it should be challenged.

    "Congress ought to conduct an investigation of whether or not the president himself is a participant in the obstruction of justice," Wilson said, urging that it examine the text of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's interviews with President Bush and Vice President Cheney.
Okay, those of us in the reality based community know that this is the only reason Commander Codpiece commuted Libby's sentence, he new where the body's were buried. Up until the last minute, bush/CHENEY were hoping that their pet Judge David Sentelle (a protegee of North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms) on the DC Circuit would keep their boy out of jail until Bush could pardon him in his last month of office (see Bush Senior Iran Contra pardons). Not gonna happen:
    As an appellate judge, Sentelle voted to overturn the convictions of Iran-Contra figures Oliver North and John Poindexter and orchestrated the appointment of Kenneth Starr to investigate Whitewater. If Libby was ever to find a sympathetic ear on the Court of Appeals, David Sentelle would have been his man.

    Here is what Sentelle and his colleagues had to say this morning about Scooter Libby: "Appellant has not shown that [his] appeal raises a substantial question ... one that is 'close' or that 'could very well be decided the other way.'"
Suddenly the Conservative Lapdog Judge gets a streak of righteousness. Did I just see pigs in the air with wings on them. Damn.

Okay, what to do. Despite Godfather Cheney's proficiency (or lack thereof) with a shotgun, another hunting accident involving Scooter would probably be too much for even the media whores to swallow. Nor could they risk pulling a Jimmy Hoffa special, as tempting as that may have been. The only possible answer was to keep the conviction but render it toothless. A $250,000 fine is chump change to these fools. Loss of a law license? Only until December 2008 when Bush pardons the perjuring bastard. Bottom line, Libby stays out of jail and does not spill the beans to Patrick Fitzgerald, a man so f-cking honest he would report his own mother if she did something illegal.

In the next few months the right wing noise machine will push three talking points, and the lapdog press will greedily slurp it up:
Those of us who still believe what goes around comes around can only hope this is not the end.

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