Friday, April 27, 2007

Am I Psychic or Just Lucky

I'm just lucky. As an associate member of CSICOP and a confirmed skeptic, I happen to know that all of that paranormal stuff is a load of fertilizer (Magical Thinking).

Somethings however are not funny, even if they do not make the Six O'clock news:

They’re at it again: A week since the SCOTUS began dismembering Roe anti-choice lunatics are terrorizing women’s clinics, as reported by the Associated Press in a very brief piece headlined, “Explosive found at Austin women’s clinic.”

...The national press? Aside from 97 words from the AP and a brief mention from CNN —nothing (according to a Nexis search at 5:15 pm today).

Manifestations of the devils agents, and therefore worthy of death. While this is truly an amazing coincidence, it does illustrate a major point in my previous blog entry (thank you for the education Mr. Clarkson) about how the Dominionist think and why. Even in 2007 under the reign of King George II , they have not gone away.

(Hat tip to Femniste. Mr. Clarkson has a post on Talk to Action about Lake of fire, a film that explores the taboo subject of Domestic Terrorism against Providers and Clinics).

Update I: They caught the Son of a B*tch. Score one for the good guys. Still not much about this in the national press.

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