Thursday, March 11, 2010

Governor Gay Basher and Grandpa Munster

One of the celebrity's I most admire in the liberal progressive wing was an actor named Al Lewis, who's most famous part was that of Grandpa Munster. He was an uncompromising leftist from the old school, and in an interview with the underground NY Newspaper Shadow on October 21, 1997, he gave the following quote:
    "We used to have a saying: "If you don't get the asses of the masses out in the street, forget it." And you get enough of them out there, the ruling class gets scared. That's the only thing they're afraid of, is numbers. Numbers!"
Flash forward some 12 years later to the Virginia Governor's Office, and an executive order issued by Gov Bobby Mac that Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections for gay state workers. Not to be out done, the Gov's equally homophobic Attorney General Kenny "Cooch" Cuccinelli sent out a memo advising the state's public colleges that they don't have the authority to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The response these right wing A-holes received validated the quote from Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis:
    The protest began with the Pledge of Allegiance, but the emphasis was on "justice for all."

    More than 1,000 people rallied at Virginia Commonwealth University yesterday against an attempt by the state attorney general to negate anti-discrimination policies that protect gays.

    "VCU is not a place where you can bring bigotry and expect not to be challenged," said Cameron Hunt, a senior who after the rally led about 150 students on a march to the state Capitol in protest of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli...




But does the Ruling Class get scared. Hell yeah:
    As Virginia's college campuses experience an uproar over gay rights, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell has now issued a directive to all 102,000 state employees Wednesday that prohibits discrimination in the state workforce, including on the basis of sexual orientation. In his directive, the Governor warns he will fire anyone who engages in such discrimination."
    Because of the outrage among students, college presidents and others, the Governor seemed forced to address discrimination in his formal statement.
    Gov Bobby Mac has the joy of being squeezed by two opposing forces, the small minority of Christian Creeps social conservatives from the Family Foundation who want to turn Virginia into a Theocracy and the Majority of Virginians who do not like their state to become a segment on The Daily Show, ex specially if they are trying to lure high tech Company's like Northrup Grumman. In the words of the Blog Bacon's Rebellion:
      ...Who's running the store? Both McDonnell and Cuccinelli are...die-hard, right wing social conservatives who want to cash in on the backlash against Barack Obama...McDonnell ran a smart campaign by downplaying the extreme views of his political past. The rumor was that he was trying to keep Cuccinelli on a tight leash...Do we really buy McDonnell's excuse that he has had to rein in "Cooch" when he was the one that set the whole thing up in the first place?

      Meanwhile, McDonnell has extended lots of corporate welfare offers to get Northrop Grumman to locate in Virginia...has threatened to drive the defense contractor away with these homophobic policies.

      So, we are left with two rather frightening questions. Is the McDonnell gang simply incompetent? Or is there a much broader agenda?
    The agenda was to legally equate homosexuality with drug abuse and pornography as evils that "the government must restrain, punish, and deter." The incompetence was believing that his election in 2009 gave him a mandate to actually implement this policy.

    The Asses of the Masses proved him wrong.