Friday, August 10, 2007

Yellow bellied Racist in our Schizophrenic Home of the Brave

Read the following headline from the AP today:
    Troops Worry Relatives Could Be Deported

    Aug 10, 6:38 PM (ET)

    Yaderlin Jimenez was an illegal immigrant facing deportation. Her husband, a U.S. citizen and soldier, couldn't help her because he was missing after an insurgent attack in Iraq.

    The military has not been able to find Army SPC Alex Jimenez, of Lawrence, Mass., after he was apparently snatched in May during a raid on his unit south of Baghdad. His capture drew national attention to his wife's deportation case, prompting Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to ask immigration officials to halt the proceedings.
It was not until I got to the following paragraphs that I was ready to break civilized behavior and do something I rarely do, raw profanity:
    Supporters of tighter immigration controls say giving the relatives of service members a free pass would only create an incentive for immigrants to enlist to legalize undocumented family members. They also oppose narrow solutions addressed at individual cases like that of Yaderlin Jimenez.
As a retired soldier who was fortunate enough to avoid two wars and five "police actions", I have only one thing to say to the "Supporters of tighter immigration controls ":

You Yellow bellied Racist Rat Bastards can go Fuck Yourselves.
Crawl back into the gutter with Mr. 5
Cheney and "there was no room for patriotic folks like myself" Delay
You pieces of excrement are not fit to exist on the same planet with these brave patriots.

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