Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Larry Meeks, Obama, and the Myth of White Racisim

Mr. Meeks,

I read the following in your column Ethnically Speaking on 21 Mar 2007. The reader was asking why most of black America supports Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama for president. You replied:

...Since his (Martin Luther Kings) death, a number of self-appointed black leaders have risen. They have made a fortune playing the race card with civil unrest and extorting white Americans...

If a black man like Barack Obama is elected president, it will be a severe blow to the black myth and the self-appointed black leadership. It will be very difficult for black leaders to make demands to a black who does not participate in their rhetoric...

Yes, I guess people like Mr. Allen:

Mr. Lott:

And The Mysterious Blond lady during the campaign of Harold Ford:

Are living proof that only those evil, self appointed black leaders play the race card to advance their politics.

Some of us might believe that a preference for Hillary over Barack might be that African Americans think she would be better able to address issues that concern their community.

Or maybe it just proves that Mr. Larry Meeks is a naive fool.

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