Sunday, February 11, 2007

Space Women Nowak, Starlet Anna Nichole, Speaker Pelosi

The title of this post could also be: 24 Hour News, 24 Hour Nonsense.

If ever you needed a crystal clear example of Eric Boehlert's term Lapdogs to describe the Main Stream News Media of America 2007, this was the "WEEK" (emphasis mine). We started the week off with several potential story's, all worthy of a Cronkite moment:

    There was the Justice Department under the direction of Alberto "Torquemada" Gonzales firing Seven US Attorneys without cause and replacing them with partisan hacks.)
    There was the ongoing trial Of Lewis "Scooter" Libby on perjury charges and the explosive testimony of NBC's Tim Russert.)
    There was the report on the secretive Office of Special Plans that skewed intelligence reports about Iraq in 2001 and 2002 in an attempting to justify an invasion (total dead approx 3123 as of 11 FEB 2007)
I could go on, but the point is that we have three separate 24 News outlets CNN, MSNBC and Fox (the last is questionable). They have lots of air time that could be filled presenting information about government policy to the Citizens of this country, critical information that could help Mr/Mrs/Ms average Joe/Josephine make informed decisions when exercising that most precious of rights, the sovereign franchise (vote to the lay person).

More powerful then any weapon in any revolution, the greatness of America is the vote; and no politician or party can avoid its deadly effect. But the key is an informed citizenry.

So what information did We the People get from our so called Watchdogs of Democracy. 100% high quality drek.

On Monday and Tuesday was the Astronaut Lady or as the master satirist Jon Stewart said:

    And just as you were about to vomit from seeing this non stop for 48 hrs, the tragic death of a national icon wipes the crazy lady off the screen. Who is this VIP whose death may well paralyze the very foundations of our Democracy? The President. The Vice President. A former President. A high Government official. Wrong. Model and Actress Anna Nicole Smith:
    A tragic death for sure, she was much to young to die (39). But not worthy of 48 hours of non stop coverage. Not important enough to be referenced 500 to 700% more then Iraq on the 24 News Shows (Thank you Think Progress).

    But we are still not done people. The lapdogs must make sure that the critical thinking skills of the masses are so thoroughly saturated with mindless drivel that they would not dare question the Administration about Iraq, or Libby, or abuse of power. So make way for the False story about Madam Speaker Pelosi, an airplane, and the Right Wing Noise Machine™ (thank you TPM).

    As I said, pablum for the Masses. An it will stay this way until we heed the words of that actor and radio host Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis:

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