Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welcome to the Commanders Place

I don't know how long I intend to continue with this project, but I should at least give it a try.

Those of you who have read my comments in or Salon may know where I am coming from. While the majority of my Political Beliefs have more in common with the Left then the Right, I am first off a Scientist, Skeptic and Freethinker.

A Freethinker, or one who believes that critical thinking is the only way to deal with life and its many challenges can find America 2006 quite an experience.

On the Right you have all sorts of magical thinking, from Abstinence Education (they don't) to the Project For the New American Century and the Office of Special Plans (when it came to invading Iraq, they did not have one).

But my Progressive brothers and sisters, with their silly stuff like unpasteurized organic food (it will kill you) and obsession with Israel (a double standard?) show that they are not immune to the passion overriding facts.

Everything in Society that effects real people with real problems that require real solutions must be based on evidence that those solutions work.

For those of you who choose to read my random thoughts, please note that while I believe in maximum freedom consistent with maximum responsibility, I live in an evidence based world. I intend to offend the hell out of a lot of people who may not be able to deal with their sacred cows being torn down.

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